Saturday, September 29

Termoli, Molise

Molise is the region south of Abruzzo and to fulfill my New Years Resolution of leaving Abruzzo once a month, I caught the train to a coastal town literally across "the border".

I could stay in Termoli for 2 or 5 hours, to get a regional train back. Once there I decided 2 hours would be ok. Walking around alone, 2 hours was perfect.

As is my way, I read about the town on Wikipedia whilst getting breakfast at my local bar before heading to Pescara station. A walled town with a castle, fishing jetty things, and a Duomo is what it said, and that's what I saw. I read my 11 years out-of-date Lonely Planet guide once I'd walked around for an hour just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I hadn't.

I liked it. The walled part is full of characteristic old buildings and the people matched the atmosphere: I can imagine it's a thriving place in the Summer. However, the newer part of town was like many other Italian towns...streets of fashionable shops and double parked cars!

Friday, September 28

Watching the World go by...

I like people watching and doing nothing. 

Right now I'm sitting on the balcony watching the world go by, hoping that when I decide to go to sleep my legs haven't seized after kickboxing and I'll be able to walk to my bedroom, or it'll be a long night!

Anyway, the reason for this post is that man there...right the apartment block opposite...that's to the right of the tree.  He's leaning out of the window...a netbook in one hand...and with the other hand...he's typing!

My guess is there's an unsecured wi-fi network that he can't access from inside his room. Hopefully it's just a bit of social-networking before bed.

Then there's the couple over there; one block back and one to the right. One of them leant out of the window whilst the other poked something on the wall from the balcony, with a broom. It doesn't look like a TV aerial, maybe it's a pipe for a heater and rattles inside so they're making some minor adjustments.

Dammit, if only I had a pair of binoculars...

Monday, September 24

They've gone :-(

My Dad and Brother are slightly unhinged.

Due to being both keen on motorbikes, my brother and Dad decided to tour through France and Italy to Pescara to see me. So they did it.  This morning I helped them carry their stuff back to their motorbikes to see them off.

It's been a busy weekend. We have eaten all things Italian: pizza, pasta and gelato as well as the Abruzzese arrosticini. We went to L'Aquila, albeit accidently, and we have done aperitivo. We Skyped Mum twice with poor outcomes and we've walked around. It's been great!

I do think that it was the first and last time that Dad and Bro will ride their bikes. The toll charges, petrol, Eurostar, hotel costs etc all amounted very quickly, they probably could've flown here and back twice in the amount they spent getting here!

One other thing. REGALO and REGOLA have been added to my "caution: check your spelling" list as a present and a rule are very different...pish, Italian!

Thursday, September 13

As the rain beats down...

...I thought I'd take the opportunity to re-do my nails. Oh yeh, and quickly blog some funny encounters of recent note.

1) I'm standing in the kitchen washing up. It's late morning and my housemate and I have been mooching around doing our own thing. Suddenly (in Italian) my housemate says "How much do you weigh?". It takes me a while to process.  I understood the question but it was completely out of context!  After telling her she replies "What time do you start work?" Erm. Again, really?!
Turns out she needed help trying out matresses...

2) I don't often blog about work but today one of my 4-year-olds advised me not to scratch my mosquito English. "Don't do this..." *models scratching leg* "...not good.". I just wish I could follow such good advice!

3) The other evening I discovered: the Italian version of the late-night kebab (most of which ended up down my front), that my bicycle is not Italian and that the man who fixes clocks is a little bit...odd...!

Thursday, September 6

The 1st storm

So I moved house in June and have been here for 3 months.

What's amazing is that early this morning there was a storm. I had left my door opened but shutter closed so I did get woken up however once I closed the door I realised just how different it is to live in a loft to a "normal" room. In my other house the rain pelted down a mere metre from my head so it was very loud (and I really do mean loud). The terrace skylight would have echoed everywhere and made the smallest shower sound like hail stones. Last night, Once I'd closed the door, I just heard the rain falling onto the petrol station's roof and the road. It was a low, muffled sound and quite easy to fall back to sleep to. Genius! All I have to do next time is remember to close the door in the first place and, ta-da, an easier night's sleep.

Fingers crossed :-D

Saturday, September 1

The Day I went to IKEA

Today I went to the new IKEA near Pescara. It was just like every IKEA in the World, surprisingly!