Wednesday, July 12

Things that surprised me...

...during my time in England.

I've been to England to enjoy time with my friends and family ahead of my wedding at the end of this month. It included attending my hen party, having my haircut, collecting my wedding dress, and making curtains while in the vicinity of a sewing machine. Here are some things that surprised me during my stay:

- My Mum and friends had secretly painted stone place names for the tables where we ate cream tea at my hen party. They had been to the local beach to collect the original stones, then they got together at my parent's to paint and personalise them. For all 22 attendees!

- First class stamps have more than doubled in the 14 years since I worked up the Spar shop.

- My Grandma hasn't lost her 'get-up and go' as proven by her magnificent pool shots during the 'Killer' pool tournament for my hen party.

- My brother's girlfriend 'knows' me very well, and can win a 'Know your bride' quiz, beating even my Bridesmaids.

- A lot can happen in 3 years as a catch-up with a close University of Chichester friend proved: life and death go hand in hand.

- I am still able to sew button holes using a sewing machine!

It's been grand England. Until next time!