Saturday, May 27

My Pilgrimage

I walked today. A lot. 20.86 km to be honest.

I saw a deer today: it had horns. I also caught a train by sheer 'chance' or by 'Godincidence', whichever word you feel more comfortable using. I didn't get photos of either of those events though. I did however take lots of other pictures and here's a Google slideshow of them in order!

The amazing thing is that on Friday, before having decided where I was going, a friend said she saw a 'dappled, deserted, silent sleepy courtyard, like in a Mediaeval /Arabic house, with a deep, still central well.'. When I arrived to the Abbazia, that's basically what I found in the cloisters. I hadn't looked at any pictures or information about the Abbazia so didn't plan it at all. Random!

Friday, May 26

Praying Away

'Trust in the Lord always and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.' ~ Proverbs 3:5-6 by memory so may not be accurate!

There have been a lot of developments in my world in the last few months, and there are lots of changes ahead. A friend suggested a retreat with Spiritual Direction may help me transition and discern what's happened, what's happening now, and what's going to happen. Initially I wasn't sure if a retreat was something for me, but as my inner child (who pops up from time to time when things don't go 'her' way) wasn't calming down through my usual sitting and waiting (in the Spiritual sense, not physical), I am now on a train, winging my way to a lake side town for two nights in a hotel.

Only thing is, it didn't start very peacefully!

I left my house for the train station to see the bus for the station on the roundabout. I chose not to run for it but then when it got to the stop it didn't move on when the traffic lights went green so I ran up to it. Except. The bus driver did the classic 'waggle finger' of a no, even though the bus was only a few metres past the bus stop. Humph.

My reaction? Run. I overtook the bus while it stood at the traffic lights and I ran. I ran to the next stop. But the drove alongside me while I ran! I was a bit confused, it was like the driver was teasing me, or perhaps cheering me on. Eitherway, I won the race as I got to the next stop first!

I am pretty certain this weekend will be full of odd events such as that.