Saturday, April 28


I had a bank holiday on a Wednesday and it was great!

H and I headed out on bicycles along one of the canals that go into Milan. It's a pretty long canal and we managed to cycle along a lot of it, over 20km I think! We saw lots of things and enjoyed two picnics on the way.

I like the Martesana. Although it starts near the Central station, there is quite a bit of nature in it, which, as a friend and I discussed on a walk along it, would indicate it is doing OK as an eco system. The curious thing is that there are goldfish in it, and lots of them, that flash through the water on a particular stretch of it. I've got no idea how so many got there, it seems ubsurd that so many goldfish came from someone throwing their unwanted pets into the canal, unless goldfish breed 'like rabbits' of course.

On this particular trip along the Martesana, H and I went up as far as a gelateria in Cassano d'Adda, a 40 minute cycle from where the canal finally merges with the River Adda. I'm sure one day we'll make it up to the river, but Wednesday it was not to be. There were so many people out and about on their bicycles, there was quite a bit of congestion at times!