Tuesday, August 28

Monday, August 27

Returning to Pescara

Today I fly back.

I have many plans for the months ahead. The daytimes bring a new academic year starting at work and Italian school plus the start of my Masters. Then in the evenings there's self defence classes and of course Meetup and at some point I'll need to practice the piano.

For the weekends, I still have the 2012 resolution of going to a different region of Italy each month (of which I've failed in August as neither Rome nor England fit the rules). With my hiking boots all packed in my suitcase, I'd like to explore more of the countryside and areas in Abruzzo.

Fingers crossed I don't tire out by Christmas from all the stuff I want to complete!!

Saturday, August 25

A Random Drive in the English Countryside

Whilst staying with my best friends we faced a dilemma of how to spend a Saturday that promised unpredictable weather...

...so we got in the car and drove East. Literally.

Turns out that due east of my friends current house there is a village with a random hairdresser/second-hand shop ran by an old lady. We were pretty certain she was a carboot Queen and scoured local carboots for bargain items she could mark up and flog in her shop. Nearby though there was a child-friendly pub with an indoor ball-pool and an outdoor bouncy castle. If only I was seven!!

On the drive out we got caught in a heavy shower whilst scouting out a stream suitable for lazy day walking and fishing. But that was compensated by stopping at a bridge on the way back when it was sunny. There were ducks that were very disappointed we didn't have any food. They emerged from under a sweeping weeping willow that draped majestically into the water from the riverbank. Thankfully an elderly couple with some bread answered their pleas.

I can see my friends whiling away many hours feeding the ducks from that bank, especially as their new house is a 10 minute drive away. The next time I see them they will have moved and should be living in their new house as Monday I return to Pescara with no immediate plan to return to England until Christmas.

Saturday, August 18

Cowes Week Fireworks

One event on the island I haven't seen in a long time is the fireworks at the end of Cowes Week, a sailing regatta. My parents go to East Cowes to watch it and this year I managed to join them. They were a nice way to spend an evening with a new addition of red stars, my new firework favourite!

Now we're off to the pub (my 2nd of the day) to wait for the majority of the crowds to go home so the roads are less busy. Genius.

Sunday, August 12

The Wedding

Two of my best mates got married today. Everything went perfectly (except the missing pashminas...) and the Bride and Groom looked stunning all day. I truly am very lucky to have a group of friends who support, advise, and share the things thatwould be a burden without them.

If everyday was like today Life would be a breeze!! It's my friends like today's Bride and Groom that make me miss England a lot. I love my friends and Pescara can be tough without them. However today also ahowed me that it doesn't matter where you are in the World, the people you meet that are worth keeping close will go above and beyond what you expect.

One thing that definitely would've made the day just a little bit more comfortable for me would've been "tit-tape". The super-strength, double sided sticky tape may have assisted in keeping my dress in place. Thankfully there were no major wardrobe malfunctions, just a lift and tuck here and there by various kind assistants!

Monday, August 6

Montepulciano in London

Turns out that Strada actually have a decent selection of Italian wine. Mum chose the free wine, on the left of the photo, with the set menu (definitely free for a reason!) whereas I've chosen a red from the region of Pescara, a pretty rounded Montepulciano. RANDOM!

Mum also parked her new car opposite the bank I'm hopefully transferring to. Can't resist a bank account with "No foreign transaction fees...