Monday, October 31

Annoying things.

A few little "gripes" that have got me today...

Puffer Jackets.  They are the height of fashion here but a pet hate of mine that comes from the 1990's!  Every colour, type of stitching, every size, every human being has one.  Old, young, male, female, children, babies....and what I find funny is that my Italian friends explain that they are warm.  Fine...I understand that.  But if they are so warm why are some people still layering all their clothing underneath?  One girl I saw today had a top, jumper, a wool based jacket AND a puffer jacket on.  Hello?  It's still 18 degrees.  Not exactly Alaska.

Face Paint.  It's Halloween.  Ok, I can't see that fancy dress is popular here but still.  Face Paint.  Where is it?  I know it exists because we've got it at school.  But I haven't found it yet.  Typical!  Toy Shops are apparently a good place to head so I'm off to the big toy shop in Montesilvano (once I've finished my scones for lunch!).

I have, however, had a really nice cappuccino today.  Plus, it was from the bar near my house.  Amazing!

Sunday, October 30


....have I ever mentioned I love Sundays?

Yes, I miss my family.  Yes, I miss my friends.  Yes, I miss going to the pub - for real ale and bangers 'n' mash.  Yes, I miss playing the piano (a lot, in fact I think I've forgotten how to).  Yes, I sometimes think "What am I doing here?".  Yes, I miss my church.  Yes, I miss living with people.  But.... I made scones that only I will eat.  I've cleaned the house that only I will make messy.  I've listened to music, actually listened, with my eyes closed and heard lyrics and bass lines and guitar riffs.  I've knitted a few more rows to my hat that I have the time to complete.  I've written two letters and ordered one birthday present.  I've been to church (ok, I didn't understand anything today but at least I went!).  AND...I opened a bottle of wine with my new, Laura-friendly, corkscrew.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I like my life.  Warts and all.

Thursday, October 27

Nice Surprise

Today I have been feeling up and down.

Anybody who has had the experience of being my housemate would have steered well-clear of me this morning.  I woke up in an awful mood.  So I ended up, not quite awake, bumbling around the kitchen, eating pretty-much-dry cereal for breakfast (I ran out of milk) before having a nap on the sofa.  Not a good start to the day.

Anyway.  Thankfully the bad start to the day has been salvaged by a few nice surprises that have occured:

1)  A postcard from my Mum spied in the postbox giving me something to look forward to after work.
2)  My medical card AND bank card can be collected.  Finally, access to the doctor and my money!
3)  ...the best one...a 4 day weekend.  Oooo yeh!  And it really was a surprise.  I knew we had the 31st of October off but didn't think to look at the list of days off in November. 
4)  Finding the other half of the Lindt chocolate from my friend that I am now eating!

Monday, October 24

A hat or an onion, that is the question.

On the left is a hat and on the right, an onion. Two very different things.  However, on buying my vegetables today I managed to ask for un capello (a hat), instead of una cipolla (an onion).  Apart from beginning with "c" and containing "ll" near the end, the words are not similar.  It wasn't exactly the common mix up between pesce (fish) versus pesche (peaches).

I fear the Italian language and I are going to have a very rocky relationship.