Thursday, October 27

Nice Surprise

Today I have been feeling up and down.

Anybody who has had the experience of being my housemate would have steered well-clear of me this morning.  I woke up in an awful mood.  So I ended up, not quite awake, bumbling around the kitchen, eating pretty-much-dry cereal for breakfast (I ran out of milk) before having a nap on the sofa.  Not a good start to the day.

Anyway.  Thankfully the bad start to the day has been salvaged by a few nice surprises that have occured:

1)  A postcard from my Mum spied in the postbox giving me something to look forward to after work.
2)  My medical card AND bank card can be collected.  Finally, access to the doctor and my money!
3)  ...the best one...a 4 day weekend.  Oooo yeh!  And it really was a surprise.  I knew we had the 31st of October off but didn't think to look at the list of days off in November. 
4)  Finding the other half of the Lindt chocolate from my friend that I am now eating!

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