Friday, March 11

The day I went to Monza

It was an ordinary Friday of traffic jams and high frequency words.  

I was walking home from work and had an urge to do something so...I bought an icecream.  While eating the icecream I sat on a bench.  My urge to do something had not been fulfilled so I looked up the art galleries and museums I could get into for free.

None of the museums I looked at would be open long enough for me to get to so I had a think.  Monza.  I remembered that it was a town that a Pescarese friend had once told me I'd probably like.  Google Maps said it was a 11 minute train ride away.  Perfect.  I set off for home to change my bag.

At 17:50 I was on the train to Monza.  I arrived promptly at 18:01 and walked.  I walked for an hour.  I walked down pedestrian streets; down a busy main road; through piazzas; past red brick buildings, and past white buildings.  I then sat on a bench in a park and listened to whatever sounds occurred and then headed back towards the town centre.

Taking a different route back I passed a quaint tea shop that was both a shop and café.  After asking if it was still possible to get a cuppa, I sat down on a sofa (bliss) for 20 minutes while drinking a white/green blend with strawberry and star of anise aromas.  The café was calming and ran by a French family who had a budding artist in their team.

I left the serene environment to walk back to the station.  It took me longer to get back from the Milan train station to my house than it did from Monza to Milan...

That was the day I went to Monza.  I saw a sunset behind buildings.  I saw a hare too.  My Pescarese friend was right: I liked Monza, there was a big park.  Some days I am easier to please than others.