Friday, October 7

3 Burpees, a cup of tea and a dash of Whisky

The other evening I came up with a great blog post while trying to sleep but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was so this one will have to do.

The summer was great, really really awesome.  I relaxed, I saw friends and family, I ate a lot of things that I probably shouldn't have, and there were days when I did nothing.  It was great.

Coming back to Milan has secured a few things that I had started doing before the summer, during June and July.  One of them is my desire to get a bit fitter.  Sure I'm slim, I walk everywhere and can sometimes go up flights of stairs without getting breathless, but I want to feel less...feeble?...pathetic?...there really are times I struggle to open a bottle of water.

Welcome 'Fuelled by Fitness' to my world, a friend who is starting out as a Personal Trainer and who's embarked upon the task of helping me out via Skype.  So far she's scrutinised a food diary I kept for the worst week ever (I ate pizza four times, FOUR!) and given me tips on how to improve my nutrition (i.e. cut out the biscuits, eat more fish) and has devised a HIIT training program to help me reach my goal of twenty press ups by Christmas...5.30pm on the 19th December to be precise.  I don't want to lose weight, but maintain it by building a bit of muscle, preferably on my arms: the three burpees I can currently manage in twenty seconds are pretty flimsy at the moment but a good start.

Something else I was getting interested in before summer that has continued into the new academic year is tea.  Yummy tea!  I was given a beautiful tea set for my birthday which I now love to use to brew a pot of Kusmi Be Cool.  It is so refreshing and really does help me to unwind, ahhhhh.

Then, there's the whisky...specifically Peat's Beast.  I have fallen in love with this whisky.  From the notes I keep about drinks I experience in cocktail bars I have written:

Ruddy love this whisky.  Smokey but strong, it burns in a way that leaves you warm and tingly.

It makes me happy to know that this whisky was discovered in a bar on my is a bit of a silly word really, it was recommended to me by the barman.  The bar is now my go to: it's friendly yet escapist, and does attention to detail just the way I like it.  I highly recommend going there, although I don't really want you to so it stays empty for me!

And that's all I've got for now, oooo except Gospel Choir.  Yes readers, I am now the proud member of the Flowing Spirit Gospel Choir and highly recommend you come and check us out at a charity concert on October 22nd in Torino.  It will be worth it!