Tuesday, July 2

Random Recipes

Mushrooms, chocolate, almond milk and cornflakes. Ingredients I have used in the last week, not in the same dishes I might add!

H and I went shopping today, the monthly food kind of shopping which spurred us to buy some mushrooms for our dinner, which led us to discover a new recipe. Recipes are something I have recently been searching the internet for. I blame the weather: it is now officially summer, with the temperature in our lounge/dining room usually around 32 degrees celsius, so my go to soup making efforts for dinner are no longer a good go to!

The mushroom recipe I attempted to replicate today, is here: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/mushroom-brunch. It asks for kale, but I put in four cubes of frozen spinach and simmered the water off a bit more than it said to, and I must say H and I gobbled it up. I had just prepared some cous-cous for my packed lunch so we put it as a base and voila, a decent meal for two with enough left over for my lunch. 

With the heat I crave gelato, which costs money, which I’m trying to save so I can eat gelato during the fast-approaching holidays and not 'willy-nilly' for breakfast, lunch and dinner as my inner child would like. I have, therefore, started exploring ways to use the ice-lolly mould I bought at the end of summer last year with the ingredients I have in the house. Last week I made my first ice-lolly batch with almond milk as a base. After an internet hunt, I found this recipe which I had all the ingredients for, except the cornflour so I just simmered it for a bit: https://tikkido.com/node/999. Ridiculously easy and very yummy! (This week’s ice lolly is a simple squash and water concoction!) 

This final recipe came about because in last month’s shopping we bought some supermarket own brand cornflakes that were too thick and went soggy far too quickly when eaten with milk, but they are perfect for chocolate cornflake cakes, quite possibly my favorite thing right now. As I found a 400g bar of cooking chocolate in one of the nearby corner shops I have made two batches of this recipe so far: https://realfood.tesco.com/recipes/cornflake-cakes.html. Good old Tesco! I highly recommend eating these critters straight from the fridge so that they are extra crunchy and cold, a great treat in the heat. 

And there we go, three very random recipes, enjoy!