Thursday, January 4

Mooching about Monza and more

There's still a few days of the Christmas holiday to go!

Today H and I set off for Monza park armed with the aeroplane kit H was given by Santa Claus. It was a really lovely day out which included a picnic, yummy cake and hot chocolate. Plus we saw horses, ducks, herons and what I think was a cormorant.

Yesterday we went to see Coco at the cinema in English which made me cry a lot: such a sweet film. On another day ice skating was the activity of the day, complete with hilarious slip-sliding skills from H. Food and drink of various types has also been consumed like fritelle (fried dough covered in sugar), soup, sushi, hot spiced apple juice, failed tapioca pudding, flat corn bread, white and red beans, hot chocolate made from a chcolate Santa, and yummy Mum-made fudge. Of course, my mind reverts to work related stuff from time to time, but the best ideas always come with distance and reflection. 

Long live time off!

The aeroplane we made over two pots of tea and two slices of cake

Herons :-)


H looks like he knows what he's doing here...

Santa felt the heat!