Monday, January 28

Nothing in Particular to report...

...nothing.  Except that everyone's leaving!

I've been living, and that word I still cannot comprehend Italy for 17 months now.  In that time I've met many people.  It seems, however, that 2013 is a year for "moving on".

My first friend in Pescara is moving back to Rome on Friday, and although it's only Rome...a 2 and a half hour bus ride's not the 10 minute drive, or 25 minute cycle of before.  Another friend is going to America for 6 weeks, which, isn't exactly aaages, but who knows if they'll be back! America versus Pescara...a tough call (ha!).  And there's whispers from other friends about moving abroad, moving north, moving south, moving, moving, moving...

I for one, am glad that my short term plans do not include a "move" (although you never can tell what futures hold).  I don't think my head could cope.  The Masters is a challenge enough for the brain to handle as it is!  In fact, I'm quite glad that my piano teacher suggested the Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin as a piano piece to practice, it's reasonably easy and requires less brain power to the Masters so I've actually been practising.  What is the world coming to?  I've been studying AND practising the piano.  Only another 11 months of the New Years Resolutions to go!!

Oh, there is one thing that has happened.  I discovered I like broad beans.  It's taken me a bit by surprise after all the years I criticised Mum for loving the things.  And I can confidently confirm that raw Broad Beans are tastier than cooked.  Yummy!

Sunday, January 20

Snowy Sundays

It's 22:16 and I am snuggled up under my duvet all set to sleep, pretty early for me.  This is for two reasons: I have a New Years resolution to stick to and today I went erm..snow shoeing?!

Shoes for snow, once a tennis racket style contraption...but they have come long way since that.  Today for €10 (both a rip off and a bargain, depending on which way you look at it) I hired some snow shoes with friends and we walked up a snow covered mountain.  Well at least we parked the car near the top and ascended the last 600m, in height not length.  Oh the shoes...hinged in the middle with metal teeth on the bottom.  You fix your shoe into the inner part and then the larger surround flips back and forth as you walk, or something like that.  It's deceptively tiring but I preferred the descent rather than ascent.  My legs are used to short bursts of cycling and dashing up 3-flights of steps, not trekking up mountains!

Thankfully we were rewarded with stunning views and sandwiches when we got to the top. And polenta with sausage and tomato sauce followed by a hot drink when we had returned to the bottom.  Plus a blazing fire, you can't beat the warmth of a fire.

I may not have spent the morning at church reflecting on my last week and looking forward to the next, but the cold playful wind managed to blow some of my cobwebs away, as well as knock me over!

  Bring it on Monday!

Thursday, January 10

All the things I've forgotten to blog

Settling back into my Pescara routines, I've not found the time to successfully 'blog' anything. 

I wanted to blog about my new game when I'm cycling.  I now play 'hazard watch' naming hazards I see as I cycle in Italian, if I can, as too many times I've been thinking about other stuff and had close calls.

I want to blog (and will blog) about my two very different Christmas'.  This will focus on the act of 'Christmas Dinner' including photographic evidence of EVERYTHING I ate...before I ate it, when it was on the plate ;-) for my Italian Christmas and my English Christmas.

And then there's my word for 2013: development.  Basically my New Years Resolutions for 2013 haven't changed much from 2012 but I want to be better at them!  I am really going to take an exam in Italian, I am going to PLAN a BIG trip once every 3 months (Venice, Florence and Turin is what I have so far) and I am going to stick to a stricter "get-up" and "go to sleep" routine so I can keeep on top of my different commitments.

As a good friend said in a conversation over how to fight the "money issues" of life a slow and steady plod is sometimes the only effective way.  And so 2013 is my year for developing with a slow and steady plod through all the things I started last year.

Oh yeh...the light switch issue resolved itself as I returned to my Pescara flat where the light switches are at the height I expect!