Tuesday, February 27

Below is a blog post dated from the 3rd December that I just discovered I never published. Enjoy! We've since completed the Changes unit and obviously there are many things I have since learnt about myself and my identity that need to change to move forward, but hey ho.

I am a very, very fortunate person. There is a group of people that I remain in contact with even though our daily, weekly and often monthly paths never cross. These friendships formed during sixth-form, although some of them I knew many years before, as early as playgroup.

Roots is the current theme at my workplace. The training we had on this took the form of perspectives but I have been reflecting more on our my identity (the last theme) and how my identity is 'rooted' in certain frames, images, and memories. That way, when I reach the 'Changes' theme, perhaps I will have explored enough of myself to be able to reflect on the aspects of my identity that I may meed to change to move forwards. Anyway, I digress.

My friends, OBG as they are known, are made up of a very diverse bunch of people, with very different lifestyles and priorities, to the point that I think that if we were to meet each other for the first time right now, in our present identities, we may not strike up friendships. However, our present identities are made up of our histories: the university stories, the cars, the houses we've lived in, the love stories, the decision making, the holidays, deaths of friends and family. History. Perhaps subconciously known, but there.

Some of my other friends do not have 'old' friends such as OBG. Perhaps it's an 'island' thing which makes us reconnect as we do, seeking continuity. Eitherway, I love our yearly Christmas get together, it's always worth the trip, no matter how short the time we actually share.

Long live OBG and associates!