Thursday, December 3

Wooden Spoons

I really do live in Milan.

I've been living for a month in my own place, my own space.  To say it's different to my last apartment in Pescara is...well...just not accurate.  It's more than just different, it's the complete opposite.  Basically I'm now living in less than half the metre-squared area I was, paying more than double the price and have one, yes one, room.

It's not all that bad though as the kitchen is technically in a room of it's own, it just doesn't have a door.  However I've discovered that if I open the door to the bathroom fully it actually acts as the door to the kitchen so its one door to cover two doorways.  This will only cause problems when I have visitors!

Another bonus is that there is a lift, although I won't use it much as I'm now living on the 1st floor.  It's the lowest level flat I've had since I've lived in Italy and the first time I've had anybody living above me since 2008!  So far the neighbours above me haven't disturbed me too much.  It's actually the guy next door that I hear the most, the avid football fan that he is.  There have been some evenings where I wished he wasn't quite so...passionate...about his team at 11pm.

In terms of furnishing the place there was pretty much everything here except some decent crockery and cutlery.  Thanks to the church Christmas Fair the other weekend I managed to get some amazing deals on a whole host of useful kitchen stuff.  Soup bowls, full set of cutlery, a set of shot glasses, dinner plates, side plates, tea box, five glass food jars, recipe stand, silver-plated pasta know, all those really, really important things a kitchen needs.  In fact, the most expensive items I've bought for my new flat were the wooden spoons!