Monday, December 31


...are really irritating me. I keep hitting the wall when I turn on a light here as my England home's switches are roughly 30cm higher than in my Italian home. An unexpected annoyance!

Wednesday, December 26

Christmas in Naples...

...merry Christmas one and all!

Today (and yesterday) I've eaten loads. I have thankfully taken a photo of everything I have eaten since arriving to the house I've been staying in so there will be a photo menu to follow when I've returned to Pescara.

But, as for my first Christmas away from the family I can say it went well. I've eaten a lot, been to Mass, walked around Naples in the morning, played the piano, eaten some more, met the Aunts and Uncles and Cousins of my housemates Mum's family, walked around Naples in the night time...and I've eaten a lot...a lot!

All in all, a great success. I hope yours was too!

Thursday, December 20

Nine Euros Ninety

Last night I actually had a spare evening which I dedicated completely to Christmas decorations.

The tree was eight euros 90c and the electrical tape I used to stick the ribbons and other things on the wall was one euro, making this years Christmas decoration expenditure a grand Nine Euros Ninety (which was then split between myself and my darling housemate).  The dazzling ornaments have been lent to us by my housemate's Mum, the gold ribbon is hers too!  All other ribbon I collected for my craft box and it just so happened it was all red, very fortunate.  A simple but effective style, if I do say so myself! ;-)

A red and gold theme

Monday, December 17

What do you want for Christmas?

I was on Skype to my Mum and I asked her what Dad would like for Christmas.  I bet your wish list isn't as exciting as his...

set of stubby spanners (metric)
molegrips individual or set
hat and gloves set
Robbie Williams CD
plumbers parrot nose grips
carpenters pencils [that was enhanced by a picture to ensure we know that carpenters pencils are FLAT] tyre and tube for my bike (atb)

There are only three things on that list I am able to visualise without seeing my Dad running around the garden with a pair of really "grippy" gloves, waiting for a "mole" to pop up from it's mole-hill...

...which brings me on to the Christmas plans.  I hope you all have lots of warm and tingly Christmas plans ahead.  My traditional Christmas has been delayed until the 30th December when I am in England with my family.  For the "real" day itself I will be in Naples, chilling with the flatmate and her family.  A very different Christmas but one that I'm sure will never be forgotten!  Watch this space to find out the antics Christmas brings this year.

Now, what shall I get my Dad for Christmas...and brother for that matter?!

Sunday, December 9

Stop and Start

I need to stop spending money and start studying. Simples.

If this does not happen I will:

A. Be unable to afford to go to Naples for Christmas
B. Not be able to travel to see the people I want to see when I am in England.
C. Be spending 9 days at Stansted airport...or alternatively walking to Portsmouth and then swimming to the Island which, although I could do, I wouldn't be able to buy anything to eat and probably drown in the Solent as my walking skills are far beyond my swimming capabilities.
D. Spend my Christmas fretting over big words like 'epistomology' and 'ontology' even though I now possess a basic understanding of the meaning of these words independently, deciphering what the hell they are compared to Education theories is a very different matter.

So. There we have it. If you don't attend my Italian School, my piano lessons, kick boxing sessions, meetup or live/work with me, it is highly unlikely that you will see me until 2013....sorry!