Monday, June 16

Advice needed.

What do I do when a dog actually does attack me?

Twice today I've been scared of a dog whilst riding my bicycle.  The first was on the way to work.  It was a dog of small proportions, black, yappy, but pretty fast.  It was loitering around the back of a church I cycle around as a shortcut and proceeded to follow me for a bit, yapping...quite ferociously.  I don't know if it's the same one I nearly kicked whilst passing the traveler's settlement a few months back, it looked familiar.

Then, on the way home, at the beginning of a road that is quite busy, a larger black dog came out of the 'driveway' under an apartment block.  It shot out right in front of me and had a proper bark.  I didn't look to see why exactly it was behaving that way and focused on moving on as quickly as possible.  I then saw the smaller dog from earlier trotting under the railway line, which made me change direction quite quickly and take a slightly slower route home.  Now, I'm beginning to think about what I should do if I do get maimed by a dog.

It's a reality as I know our dog Scampy (RIP), when she was a puppy, bit the ankle of a boy when we were at the rec (the recreation ground, i.e. park for recreational activities like football  Mum hadn't known that Scampy had this tendency and so from that day on we only let her off the lead in the woods, or in large spaces away from any other human beings.  These dogs that are coming at me are not domestic animals, they are doing their job, protecting their territory.  But I really don't think their barks are worse than their bites.

On the way home I had visions of me having to limp myself to the hospital with blood stained trousers that I had had to rip so that I could tie something around my leg to stop the blood flow.  I was also, in this vision, pushing my bicycle as I couldn't leave my bike unattended, that'd be nicked.  Perhaps I have to stop using my short cuts, but that means cycling on a busy road full of pot holes which, personally, is equally dangerous.  Oh my, I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Hmm...thoughts?