Friday, June 29

2 posts, 1 night, here's why...

...1) I sorted out being able to email in a post to my blog. 2) This evening was bizarre.

I went for dinner with my self defence classmates, a sort of "end of course" celebration even though it's been decided the course will continue. The Maestro for the course literally calls me "England" or "English", I think he's amazed I go to the classes as they are wholly Italian. Nothing English at all!
After a few courses of the dinner I talked to the lady opposite me. It turns out she saw me at work today. Of course it was when I was ushering the children to the sea all holding a green rope as a walking bus. Random.
Then, to top it all, once the football had finished, the photo's had been taken and I'd had my ice-cream fix at my new fav. Bibo, I cycled home. However, on my way, I heard some kind Italian boys say "Get the bicycle..." followed by a crack/splat behind me, and another infront shortly after. I'm glad to say I survived my first "egg-ing" with no direct hits. PHEW!

Thursday, June 28

Note to self...

...Never sit with your back to a television when you are in a restaurant whilst the Italian football team are playing the semi-final of a's quite a strange experience.

Wednesday, June 27

My life on paper... exactly the same as it was one month ago, I live and work in Pescara.  However my day-to-day life has morphed into something else.

There have been two big changes recently, to my day-to-day existence; one at work and one at home.

Work.  I am still teaching English to the same 3-5 year olds, except now the on the beach!!!  How awesome is that?!  So for 5 hours a day, I make sandcastles, dig holes, recount fairy-tales and generally play with my class on the beach (yesterday I taught six children how to play Uno in English, a great success!).  We get to go and play in the sea as well, and then to end the day we get to play on the park, I am officially 7 years-old, or there abouts.  Now, my job is definitely one of the coolest things to be doing in the heat (in both senses of the word) as the temperature is generally in the mid-high 30's in the day.  It does mean I have to a) apply 50+ sun cream every day because I really don't want to get skin cancer by the age of 30....b) arrange my "beachwear" in such a way that I don't wear the same type of top so that come August 11th (when I am a bridesmaid wearing a strapless dress) I won't have ridiculous strap marks....

Home.  I moved house about three weeks ago (see here) and since then I still haven't managed to save enough energy for the stairs when I cycle home.  Every time I get "home", I lock up my bike with that happy feeling of being home.  Then, I open the door into my building and...BAM...I realise there are 6 flights of stairs between me and the cold drink in the fridge.  I'm longing for the day when I can gallop up the stairs in 3 seconds flat.....ugh.

Sunday, June 10

A Random Sunday on the 3rd of June

Sun, Cycling, Seafood, Sea, Sand and of

So today, my friend and I joined a cycling rally!! I think it was in fact a protest to highlight the need for a cycle path all the way along the Adriatic coastline if the Abruzzo region. Anyway.

The beginning (for us at least)
On Saturday we bumped into a man we had previously met at a concert, who told us about the cycle ride and we decided to go along. What else are Sunday's for?!  It turned out to be really busy, really relaxing and an all-round nice day.

The rally itself actually had a police escort as all the bicycles took up the width of road so that was pretty cool.  I've no idea how many bicycles (and roller-blades) there were but we didn't get a discount food voucher as they had run out, having only printed 200.
Lots of Cyclists
The Tower at the end of the route.
The End of the Route.

 After reaching the destination of Pineto, about 20km north of Pescara, my friend and I had a craving for Calamari so hunted down a fish restaurant after asking a local where the best place would be.   Once filled with food we headed for the beach and enjoyed a relaxing hour or so sun-bathing and swimming.  Then off we went back on the ride home.
Yummy, Spaghetti with Cockles

The Beach at Pineto
I had once been to a Gelateria (ice-cream shop) in a place called Silvi.  It happened to be a place between Pineto and Pescara so we stopped off on the way back.  I think that Gelataria is very good and I would even consider cycling there again, 3 flavours in the Medium size and a good portion too, fantastic!!

Saturday, June 2

How [not] to move House

Some of you may have been waiting in anticipation for me to change apartments. Well, on 30th May, it actually happened, after knowing I needed to move for three months. Here's how I would advise you NOT to move house...

Step 1: Spend a morning packing everything into bags; supermarket, reusable ones, orange Wandsworth Council recycle bags and black bin-bags.

Step 2: Put all bags by the front door ready to move down stairs after you have finished work.

Step 3: Contact friends with vehicles larger than bicycles to help transport the bags to the new place.

Step 4: After work, wait for friends assistance. On seeing the Friend 1 arrive, get excited and let the front door close on the old apartment...with the keys to both apartments inside.

Step 5: Go downstairs to the landlord and double check that they do not have a spare set of keys.

Step 6: Ring boss (from friends phone, due to lack of credit) to explain the situation. Arrange to pick up the keys for work, where the spare set of apartment keys are kept, from the boss' house.

Step 7: Await the arrival of Friend 2 so that Friend 1 can go to work. Explain the "keys locked in the apartment" situation and the plan of action to collect the spare set.

Step 8: Get given Friend 2's car due to his bad back. Drop Friend 2 near his house and proceed to drive for 15 minutes in the wrong direction as a "short cut" (receiving a phonecall from Friend 3 to arrange a time to meet, curse when phone battery dies).

Step 9: Collect keys for work.

Step 10: Successfully navigate to the dual carriageway for a quick route to work, collect keys for apartment and drive back.

Step 11: Carry stage piano down four flights of stairs, alone (later proven to be of a mere 28kg)

Step 12: Spend 45 minutes carrying bags of various sizes (refer to Step 1) whilst the landlord smokes his pipe watching the trips up and down. N.B: ensure you can balance the boot of the car on your back whilst loading as it is unable to remain open unattended.

Step 13: Rejoice on discovering Friend 3's arrival.

Step 14: Load Friend 3's car with the "odd" shaped items; guitar, electric fan, sun chairs...

Step 15: Proceed to drive for three minutes to the new apartment and begin unloading, to the third floor (up six flights of stairs, without lift).

Step 16: Direct Friend 1 to the new apartment who can assist with small objects.

Step 17: With Friend 3 lifting and Friend 1 giving words of encouragement, take the stage piano up to the room and rejoice at having completed the move!

Step 18: Thank Friend 3 a lot for the help and proceed to the Shiny Purple Burger Place for a celebratory dinner with Friend 1, 2 and the extra addition of Friend 4.

Step 19: Return car to Friend 2 and go to the new apartment to sleep in a room full of bags.

Job done!