Sunday, October 30


....have I ever mentioned I love Sundays?

Yes, I miss my family.  Yes, I miss my friends.  Yes, I miss going to the pub - for real ale and bangers 'n' mash.  Yes, I miss playing the piano (a lot, in fact I think I've forgotten how to).  Yes, I sometimes think "What am I doing here?".  Yes, I miss my church.  Yes, I miss living with people.  But.... I made scones that only I will eat.  I've cleaned the house that only I will make messy.  I've listened to music, actually listened, with my eyes closed and heard lyrics and bass lines and guitar riffs.  I've knitted a few more rows to my hat that I have the time to complete.  I've written two letters and ordered one birthday present.  I've been to church (ok, I didn't understand anything today but at least I went!).  AND...I opened a bottle of wine with my new, Laura-friendly, corkscrew.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I like my life.  Warts and all.

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