Friday, July 29

venerdì 29 luglio 2011

It's been a day of non-ness.

After getting up, eating breakfast and watching West Coast Customs transform a truck for Jesse James of West Coast Choppers (a program more aimed at 13 year old boys) I decided to go for a walk. 

I walked.  I walked.  And I walked some more.  The house I'm staying in is on a pretty big hill in a town next to Pescara.  So yeh, I had no idea where I was going.  My mission, after I had been walking 15 minutes, was to go to the beach.  By this point I was at the bottom of the hill so could no longer see the sea therefore I just aimed for the direction it was in when I was at the top of the hill and followed roads, thankfully most of the roads here are in straight lines so it makes navigating them normally easy.  At one point I decided to get a bus as it seemed the beach was miles away.  So I jumped on a Number 6.  Only problem being that I had no idea where the bus was going, what direction I was in etc so I got off a few stops later after spotting a familiar beach umbrella down one of the side streets. 

And that was that.  I walked along the sea front for a bit and then turned around and headed back as lunch was at 12.30.  Now I am at the office of my work.

Madame Butterfly. was ok. We rated it 5/10.  The male lead was pretty impressive and had a very good voice.  However I wasn't impressed with Madame Butterfly herself and the other cast members.  The costumes were good, and worked well with the production.  We were sat in the front row of the theatre and the orchestra were right in front of us, they were pretty good.  I figured the production wasn't amateur, but it wasn't exactly professional either.  The funniest thing was in the interval between Act 1 and 2 the whole orchestra got up and 75% of them popped to the nearest exit to have a cigarette, hilarious!  We couldn't quite believe it.

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