Ongoing Goals

a) Gain a Music Performance Diploma in Piano (DipABRSM)
- Attending Weekly Piano Lessons with an Awesome Tutor.  Currently studying a Schumann piece and a Chopin Nocturne
- Piano Teacher is now aware of this desire and we have set a time limit of three years.  Lots of Liszt finger exercises to do to retrain my fingers on the best ways to play the piano.

b) COMPLETED Get a Masters in Education (MA)

- October 2012, I enrolled on the first of two modules to complete a Masters through the Open University.
- November 2012 I passed the first assignment (1 of 5).
Received Diploma Supplement 31st December 2014

c) COMPLETE Take level A2 in Italian
- Mock of a mock completed, set to take the test in June 2013.
- Taken in June 2013...passed.

Created January 2012, Updated 18/01/2015

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