Saturday, July 30

22-29 luglio 2011

Below are a few photographs of my trip to Pescara.  I hope you like!

Yes, it's half midnight and the temperature is 25 degrees, yay!
Our "Roof Terrace" which is in my room.  It makes a brilliant reading room in the early morning!

View on the left from the Roof Terrace, you can see mountains!

View straight out of the Roof Terrace.  Yes it's a building, but there are more mountains beyond!

Think this explains itself!  Note: the ceiling with the sky light is also sloping.

My room measures something like 30x20 ft.  A nice size!

This was taken from the top of the stairs looking into my room.

The roof terrace and a desk. (If you didn't work that out for yourself!)

The pit orchestra warming up for Madame Butterfly.  We were very close.

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